Erasmus+ English for the Educational Workplace


  • 20 hours: General English 15 hours + 5 hours of English for the Educational Workplace
  • 25 hours: Option of taking 5 extra hours in one of our other modules, see all courses here.
  • Times: 9.00 am to 12.15 pm and 12.25 to 1.25 pm.
  • Suitable for B2 students and higher

Course description

This course is an intensive professional training course which allows participants to manage day-to-day workplace interactions requiring English language skills,  with more confidence, fluency and accuracy. The course includes practical projects, specific practice and applied exercises to develop a wide range of communicative skills, language usage and functional vocabulary.

The course includes

General English: Testing and classing participants in the appropriate CEFR level; Orientation; Needs analysis; Setting learning outcomes; Language focus and language skills; Skills workshops; Assessment of learning and review of learning; One to one feedback at the end of the course and Certificate presentation.

Specialised modules: Language of Meetings; Functional language for agreeing and disagreeing; Expressing your opinion; Hedging expressions; Descriptions and explanations; Language for presentations; Report writing and summarising;  Writing a proposal; Responding to complaints via email; Language for presentation of arguments; Communication in the modern workplace; Language for client service; Writing techniques and skills,; Interview and mediation; Language skills for meetings and reporting.

This course is suitable for

Education professionals who need to improve their English language skills to deal with colleagues and partners in a more effective manner.


15% discount on the listed prices for Online Study.

Course + Transfer + Accommodation Accommodation Supplement Course Only
Tuition hours Tuition hours 1 week 2 weeks Jun.-Sept. 2022 1 week 2 weeks
Host Family – Half Board 20 675 1125 28 330 570
Residence – Self-catering 20 760 1295 65 330 570
Host Family – Half Board 25 735 1245 28 390 690
Residence – Self-catering 25 820 1415 65 390 690

How to apply

  • Applications paid privately can be made directly.
  • Applications seeking Erasmus+ funding must be made through your institution.
  • Our legal name ISI Study in Ireland and our Erasmus OID: E10020271 and PIC: 905414103 are required in the application.
  • At the end of your English course we will also help you to complete the Europass Mobility documents.