English Summer Camp for teenagers

The ISI “English in Action” summer camp is a fun and exciting way for teenagers to learn English. Located in city-centre Dublin, the programme includes 20 hours tuition per week and 30 hours of stimulating social and cultural activities, with a focus on developing confidence and putting English into action in real-life situations.

Key Points

  • Winner of the Study Travel “English Language School Europe Award” 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020/21
  • Duration from 1 week to 7 weeks, from June 26th to August 14th, 2022
  • City-centre location, 5 minutes from O’Connell Street
  • Beautiful school facilities in a prestigious Private School
  • 20 hours of English lessons each week
  • Focus on putting English into Action and building confidence speaking English International classes
  • Packed lunch from host family & school snacks included
  • Live with an Irish Host Family 35-40 minutes from the centre by bus/train
  • 30 hours per week of social, cultural and sporting events each week (e.g. museums, tours, dance, football, basketball etc.)
  • 2 Evening Activities per week (e.g. disco, table quiz, Irish dance, drama)
  • 1 full-day bus tour each Saturday

School Facilities

The camp takes place in Belvedere College, a prestigious and historic private high school in Dublin’s city-centre. The school has been a centre of excellence for many years, and in fact, James Joyce was a student there in 1894. The school boasts excellent facilities which we are delighted to offer to our students including:

  • Bright classrooms with interactive whiteboards
  • Student dining area (packed lunch is included in package prices)
  • Outdoor courtyard for relaxing breaks
  • An all-weather outdoor rooftop sports pitch
  • Indoor gymnasium

Lesson Themes

This programme consists of 20 hours of tuition per week, including General English and English in Action or task-based Projects, designed to encourage interaction in a practical environment. With General English lessons taking place in the classroom, English in Action Project is a wonderful opportunity to engage with local, native speakers through street surveys, interviews, educational role-plays, and short trips to the vast array of local markets. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers have been handpicked for their dynamic and energetic teaching approach, guaranteeing an engaging and rewarding student experience. Students will cover 2-3 topics per week.

A sample of these topics are listed below:

  • Crime & Punishment
  • Music, Movies & Art
  • Pop Culture & Social Media
  • Irish Culture
  • History & Folklore
  • Adventure & Travel
  • Shopping
  • Money & Advertising
  • Health, Medicine & Science

English in Action

English in Action Projects also takes students outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to present their findings from each project to the class in the form of a lively presentation, debate, etc., and are encouraged to make use of the whiteboards and computers to illustrate their findings. The class is given an opportunity to ask questions about the presentation, and a vote is taken at the end of the lesson to decide which projects were the most engaging, informative, and educational. Below are some descriptive examples of the engaging English in Action Projects the students will participate in:

  • Tourist Office Visit
  • Garden of Remembrance Excursion
  • Artistic Exhibitions
  • Street Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Historical Market Visit

Visit our dedicated summer camp website!

On our dedicated Summer Camp website, you can read all about our programme for teenagers and our services for overseas students.