What documents do I need to register with GNIB (immigration)?

To register with GNIB students must apply for an appointment online. Once completed they will be given a date & time to visit GNIB. The average lead time for an appointment is 4 weeks from application, but students are advised that it could be up to 6 weeks. To apply students must visit www.inis.gov.ie & follow the instructions. New appointment times are released every day at 14:30 GMT.

During the appointment you will need to provide:

  • Evidence of suitable finance or proof of access to €3,000.
  • Evidence of suitable medical insurance.
  • Your passport.
  • Registration fee of €300. GNIB only accept card payments and do not accept cash or cheque.

ISI sends a list of registered students to GNIB every week. Your name will be on this list if you confirm your appointment date and time for us. You must confirm your appointment date to reception on your first day, or at least 1 week prior to your appointment if you are awaiting a date and time.