Where do I open the bank account and what do I need?

We can help you open a bank account but you should note:

  • Due to increased fraud compliance, it currently takes an average of 4 weeks for international students to open an Irish bank account.
  • Students are advised to use alternative means of showing proof of funds to GNIB and wait until they have a job offer to open their bank account.
  • Due to increased fraud compliance, all students will need to supply a foreign bank statement from their home country as part of their application to the bank. The statement must show six months of transactions.
  • Students may also use their parents’ bank statements if they are funding their trip. Any statement from a parental account must share the same surname of the student and be accompanied by a colour copy of their passport.
  • Statements do not have to be in English if is presented in the Roman alphabet and once any names and financial transactions are clear. If the text is not in the Roman alphabet it will need to be professionally translated and certified/stamped.

To open an account you will need:

  • ISI Bank Letter (reception will provide this to you) and a job offer if available
  • A current foreign bank statement in your name (as in your passport), or in your parent’s name, less than one month old showing six months of transactions
  • Medical Insurance Policy – with your address printed on the policy document (we can provide this if your purchase ISI insurance)
  • Your passport
  • PPS Number
  • Revenue statement