Irish Enterprise Award Winner 2024

EU Business

We have good news!

As one of Dublin’s top language schools, ISI Dublin is thrilled to inform you that it was honored with an Irish Enterprise Award at EU Business News. Our team is extremely pleased to be able to say that we have won this award.

We are grateful to have all our partners working with us and to have achieved recognition over the past 20+ years as we have expanded with people from all over the world. For us, this award represents our commitment to excellence in English language teaching and to our vision of growing and flourishing further with our partners.

ISI Dublin offers a first-rate setting for learners of the English language with varying objectives and requirements, including adult English language learners, young language learners, and high school students. We also offer teaching training for professionals.

With the continuing growth of ISI Dublin, we welcome all enquiries about our programmes with a view to building future partnerships, we are more than happy to help.

As mentioned, the team at ISI Dublin is thrilled to share this new announcement about our Irish Enterprise Award with you!

Please check the link for more information.

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