Star Awards 2024-Let’s Shine Brighter

We Need your vote to be a Super Star!

Your vote will help us to shine even more brightly!

At ISI Dublin, we are proud of providing a comprehensive educational environment equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities designed to support and enrich our students’ learning experience. Our school is designed to support our students’ learning, development, and well-being. We offer three school campuses for our Adult English Courses, Summer Camp, School groups and Ministays.

Meeting House Lane School / Parnell Square School:

  • Classrooms: Each of our classrooms has its own individual, thematically designed interior, which ISI Dublin has put notable effort into for an enhanced aesthetic experience for our students.
  • Student Café: Our cafés are commodious yet cosily designed spaces for our students to strike up conversations with peers. ISI Dublin creates an environment to help students learn the English language in a warm and welcoming space. The produce on offer in our cafés is affordable, convenient and appealing to students.
  • Student Lounge: Practicing conversation and social interaction are key to improving English language fluency. ISI Dublin provides a spacious and comfortable environment for students to practice conversation during their break or engagement with social activities.
  • Digital Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive multi-media tools help the learning process through audio, video, graphics, text and animation. Students have positively improved their English language level with the assistance of this technology, which helps learners understand new concepts and increases their involvement and motivation.
  • Computer Room: Our contemporary computer labs have high-speed internet access and advanced software to further support students’ needs and learning in and through Information and Communication Technology.

Belvedere College Summer Camp:

For our Summer Camp, we not only provide 20+ classrooms, interactive digital whiteboards, canteen areas, but also…

  • Outdoor Secure Courtyard
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Pool
  • Rooftop Astro Pitch
  • Fully Staffed Reception Desk

Our students are our priority. From the initial application stage to the end of their course, our staff and teachers are here to ensure their needs are met in a friendly, caring, and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on creating a holistic approach for students to improve their English and reach their language level goal. We understand the difficulties that students face away from home, and we keep improving our services along with the growth of our school.

“Engagement, Commitment, and Support” is what we pledge to our students.

Dive into a day in the life of ISI Dublin, beautifully captured in this sun-drenched video. Perhaps, you’ll be inspired to cast your vote for us! Supporting ISI Dublin as your Star English Language School Europe 2024 means you will help us in our pursuit to become a 5-time winner – a Super Star School!

Your vote will help us to shine even more brightly!

Why vote for us?

Proven track record: With over twenty years of experience, and as four-time ST Star Award winners, we have a track record of excellence in English language education.

Global perspective: Our diverse community and international outlook prepare students for success in an interconnected world.

Commitment to excellence: We’re dedicated to delivering the highest standards of education and are continually seeking ways to improve and innovate.

Your vote can make a real difference in helping us secure this prestigious honour. Together, let’s showcase the impact of outstanding English language education and celebrate our shared commitment to excellence.

Voting is easy:

  1. Simply go to this website
  2. Login to your Alphe Workshop/Study Travel Username and password
  3. Scroll down to the selection ST Star English Language School Europe
  4. Each company can complete up to five voting forms, share with your colleagues!
  5. Your vote means the world to ISI Dublin

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Let’s make ISI Dublin proud!