Star Awards 2023

Star Awards 2023

Every year we make an enjoyable and fun little video about life in our school and we ask you to vote ISI Dublin ST Star English Language School Europe.

The result has been great! We have won this award four times thanks to your belief in us and your votes! 2023 is no different! Despite being very busy for the past couple of months our staff put together this lovely 1-minute video, where you can meet our best staff member, Coco!

Follow her journey, see some of our beautiful new facilities and learn why you should vote ISI Dublin Star English Language School Europe 2023 – for a FIFTH – and final – time!

You will also get to meet the team!


  • Go to here and log in using your Alphe Workshop/Study Travel username and password.
    (Don’t have a login? You can register even if you haven’t attended an Alphe conference before)
  • Scroll down to the section ST Star English Language School Europe. Write “ISI Dublin” in the Company section, state your reason for voting for us and submit your vote.
  • Send this email to 4 colleagues and ask them to do the same (your company can vote for ISI Dublin 5 times in total). Let’s hope you can make it happen for us again this year!

Thank you so much for your continued support.