Erasmus+ Technology in the Classroom


  • 20 hours: General English 15 hours + 5 hours of Technology in the Classroom
  • 25 hours: Option of taking 5 extra hours in one of our other modules, see all courses here.
  • Times: 9.00 am to 12.15 pm and 12.25 to 1.25 pm.
  • Suitable for B2 students or higher

Course description

This course allows teachers to reflect on their experiences of using tech to teach English and the various tools to teach during this past year. The purpose of this course is to look at way in which we can use them even more effectively. The course will also look into ways of working towards developing some shared principles for using technology in the future.

The course will explore ways in which teachers can familiarise themselves with current developments in the use of Technology in their classrooms, ways in which they can become more confident in using technology in an environment where students are familiar with a wide range of modern technology and applications, ways to familiarise the participants with recent pedagogical and technology developments and to increase participants’ awareness of the opportunities to integrate ICT into teaching and learning processes in their schools. All this in the context of networking and sharing with other colleagues from different parts of Europe while exchanging in the English language to promote confidence in their communication skills.

Course content

General English: Testing and classing participants in the appropriate CEFR level, Orientation, Needs analysis, Setting learning outcomes, Language focus and language skills, Skills workshops, Assessment of learning and review of learning, One to one feedback at the end of the course, Certificate presentation

Specialised Modules: Introduction to a wide range of applications for teaching, awareness of the use of the web as a teaching resource, exploring ways in which teachers can integrate technology into learning experiences and can help to integrate school into students’ lives so students become more engaged in their learning inside and outside of school, enhancement of personal English Language skills,

This course is suitable for

Second and third-level educators wishing to enhance their knowledge on technology and how they can enrich their tech teacher toolbox with new apps and online resources to keep students motivated and engaged.


Course + Transfer + Accommodation Accommodation Supplement Course Only
Tuition hours Tuition hours 1 week 2 weeks Jun.-Sept. 2022 1 week 2 weeks
Host Family – Half Board 25 795 1365 28 450 810
Residence – Self-catering 25 880 1535 65 450 810

How to apply

  • Applications must be made through your institution.
  • Our legal name ISI Study in Ireland, our Erasmus OID: E10020271 and PIC: 905414103 must be used on the application.
  • At the end of your English course we will also help you to complete the Europass Mobility documents.